"Why Anakin's conversion to the Dark Side makes sense" (and how this reflects the dark side of fandom)

THIS. It clearly spells out why all the whiners who thought Anakin’s fall in Episode III was “too quick” are morons who don’t pay attention.

(Ignore the inane comments below the post.)

And before you ask, “Well, aren’t you being a ‘hater’ yourself by using the term ‘moron’ to describe those who disagree with you?”

Nope. Because the people who loudly and repeatedly whine and bitch and piss and moan about this basic plot point, that they obviously don’t understand despite all the signs and clues laid out throughout all three films, ARE morons. And they’ve held the floor of discussion about the prequels for FOURTEEN YEARS and still aren’t willing to surrender the floor when their time has long passed. Enough is enough.

And before you counter with “Don’t you have better things to do with your time than complain about differences of opinion about a goddamn film?

Nope. See previous paragraph. This is the best thing I can do with my time, because it’s more than a disagreement about pop culture. It’s a stand against bullying. You may not think it matters because I’m writing about movies and not, say, women’s rights or LGBTQ rights or what have you. But it IS important. It’s important because we need to see that bullying, oppression, suppression of dissenting viewpoints, and the marginalization of those less belligerent has seeped into EVERY FACET OF SOCIETY.  Those affected by this suppression often become self-censoring, afraid to speak up, which of course is the goal of the loudmouth bullies addicted to self-importance.

I know whereof I speak. I’m a girl nerd. Even as recently as ten years ago, that made me an outcast among outcasts. The girl nerd’s opinion didn’t matter, unless she was the “hot” girl nerd - the only kind shown in supposedly “geek-friendly” comedies. Look at all the double standards and mixed messages we get: “If you cosplay at a convention, you’d better look hot. But if you’re hot, you obviously can’t be a real geek, you’re just a poser. You can’t be a REAL gamer (or game programmer) because you’re bothered by our slobbering over the warrior maiden wearing a bikini made of two pennies glued to a string. Oh, you don’t have encyclopedic knowledge of every appearance of Captain Speedo? Well, then you’re not a REAL fan. How DARE you like the second guy to wear the Diamond Speedos more than the first!”

It took me decades to get up the courage to make my fan film. I’ve got butterflies over the thought of publishing THIS POST I’M WRITING NOW.  I never meant for it to be this long. But speaking out against bullying shouldn’t be limited to “the big areas.” It applies to EVERY area. I have friends who genuinely support equality and human rights causes, yet they won’t hesitate to tear down someone who likes some book or film or TV show they despise. AND THEY DON’T EVEN REALIZE THEY’VE BECOME WHAT THEY’RE FIGHTING AGAINST. This culture of in-your-face aggressiveness is that pervasive.

And, like it or not, there is only so much appeasement we can give, only so much acquiescence we can offer, only so much outright crap we can endure, before we finally explode. This was the lesson of the women’s movement of the 70s. This, to come full circle, is also the lesson of “Revenge of the Sith,” as outlined in the article link above that triggered this whole post.

Our strongest weapon is to call things as we see them. Rapists aren’t “sex offenders,” they’re rapists. Bullies aren’t “those with a dissenting view,” they’re bullies. How can you tell the difference? Bullies shout so loud that they won’t allow YOUR dissenting view to be heard.

And people like that are morons. ‘Nuff said.

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